About Us

Grineaux Accountants was established by Mr Mark Grineaux in 1980 and is located in the heart of the market town of Southam in Warwickshire, which is situated within a ten to twenty minute commute to a number of neighbouring towns and cities including Coventry, Rugby, Daventry, Banbury, Warwick, Leamington Spa and Kenilworth.

At its inception the business had one office and two desks, at either end of the office, one for Mark Grineaux and one for the longest serving employee of the company, David Clarke.

In the following forty plus years since, the company has expanded from one office in the building to taking over the whole three floors of the building and increased its work force from two to thirteen. Needless to say has helped thousands of individuals and businesses meet their accounting and taxation legislative obligations as efficiently as possible.

The core values from day one still remain today and that is to ensure that we the company and as individuals are approachable, professional, personal and reliable when dealing with our clients, suppliers, other professional advisors and HM Revenue & Customs.

The most important aspect of implementing our core values is through communication whether it is by answering the phone, replying to emails in a timely manner or being available for meetings along with having the knowledge and experience available to provide a prompt reply.

We also implement a top-level approach where once you have been allocated one of the directors as your advisor, you will be dealing directly with that advisor. That’s not to say that other members of team will not be assisting your advisor but any questions or meetings would be dealt with or held with your advisor, which gives our clients comfort in knowing that there is a level of continuality when dealing with their affairs.